Overview of Scaffold Ladders

Overview of Scaffold Ladders

Introduction to scaffold ladders

One of the most practical construction equipment products you can use is scaffold ladders. These are carts that enable construction companies to meet a variety of purposes. With these ladders construction companies can easily manage their tools and equipment during projects. As well as serving a variety of purposes they come in certain sizes to make access and storage more convenient as well as being offered at a low cost. As a result this is one of the things that will greatly benefit construction workers and companies on a regular basis.

Purposes they are used for

Scaffold ladders serve a number of purposes for construction companies. These purposes include handling materials, storing objects such as tools and equipment and also transporting to various locations at a job site. These ladders are ideal for handling materials because they provide lots of support and space. Construction companies can store tools such as saws, electric drills, hammers and screw drivers. They can also transport these items from place to place when doing a job. This provides portability which will enable construction workers to conveniently transport and access these valuable tools and equipment.

mobile scaffold towers


Scaffold ladders are made up of strong materials that make them quite durable. They are made up of aluminum. As a result, they make a great item to use whenever construction companies are looking to store tools and move them to various locations on a job site. Since the material of scaffold ladders are very durable construction workers will have an item that is of very high quality and that will last for many years.

Size and measurements

The sizes and measurements of scaffold ladders usually come in a certain range. The height of these ladders is 50 and ¾ inches, 47.5 inches in length and 22.5 inches in width. These ladders also come with a folded width of 6 ¼ feet, a plank width of 17 inches and a plank length of 46 5/16 inches.


With scaffold ladders, construction companies will get an item that comes with things such as a central locking hinge, steel wrap weld construction, wheels and also two way casters. The ladders can hold up to 500 pounds in weight. Therefore this ladder is very strong and will enable companies to easily store and transport objects that are heavy as well as lightweight.


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