UltraTrade: What Every Aspiring Professional Trader Should Know About Binary Options

There are tons of educational material that talks about trading binary options. Doing a search on Google or whatever search engine you mainly use, a proliferation of guides and tips will easily envelop your screen. But are they really worth your time? Below are 7 essential tips that every binary options trader should know. Each... Read More »

Binary Options Trading Explained

The most simplistic way to begin is to ask ourselves whether we think a certain asset will be worth a certain amount by a certain time. For example: Will coffee be worth $1.12 a pound by 3:15 p.m. tomorrow? The answer being either yes or no is where the name, ‘binary option’ comes from: ‘bi’,... Read More »

AlfaTrade: The Impact of Brexit and What It Means For You?

AlfaTrade: The Impact of Brexit and What It Means For You?  For months, political and financial analysts on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean had overwhelmingly considered it highly unlikely that British voters would choose to leave the European Union. And yet, as we learned near midnight last night, that’s exactly what the voters did. The Media’s Role The media, as usual, is making a... Read More »

Why Forex Trading is a Critical Piece of the Pie for Modern Investors

Why Forex Trading is a Critical Piece of the Pie for Modern Investors  Investors have a wide range of different options when it comes to growing their money. Many choose ultra-safe treasury bonds. Others choose individual stocks. They like the idea of getting behind Google or General Electric, growing their money slowly with these modern giants. Others still have taken their money out of commodities, choosing instead... Read More »

The Risks And Rewards Of Options Trading

The Risks And Rewards Of Options TradingAn investment contract that provides a buyer the right to buy or sell an underlying asset on or before a specified date, for a specific price, is called an option. With an option, the buyer or seller is under not obligation to buy or sell the asset. It is a binding contract. There will be... Read More »

Making the Stock Market Simple

Making the Stock Market SimpleSummary Over the years, I have been asked by young people and old people alike, “What is the stock market? And how does it work?” What most who ask me this question don’t realize is that, truly, they are asking an incredibly complex question. So, today, we are going to break the stock market down... Read More »

Five Steps for Buying Stocks

Five Steps for Buying StocksIf you decide that you want to buy stocks, the process doesn’t start by simply entering a ticker symbol and executing the trade. The process actually begins with research. Stock buying step 1: Research an industry Unless you’re day trading or high-frequency trading, you probably want to get a handle on the various industries or... Read More »

7 Tips for Choosing and Buying Stocks

7 Tips for Choosing and Buying StocksThe stock market can be confusing for many people. This has been especially true during the last few years since the markets have been so turbulent. There are some general guidelines, however, that can make selecting and trading stocks easier to understand. The following are 7 tips for choosing and buying stocks. 1. Do Your... Read More »

Different types of online trading

Different types of online tradingOnline trading has mostly replaced broker directed trading for the vast number of people due to the convenience, affordability, and better trade execution common with it. Part of the benefit of online trading is the vast access of different online trading investment options, strategies, and markets that it grants to you. This article will highlight... Read More »

Binary Options: What They are and How You Trade Them

Binary Options: What They are and How You Trade ThemOptions are the most complicated financial instruments the ordinary investor is likely to encounter. That’s because they add a layer of complexity onto all the details affecting the underlying security. That is, if somebody wants to buy or sell options on Google, ideally they should analyze Google the company and its stock as an investment.... Read More »

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